Titlul mi-a atras atentia, mai ales ca citisem acum cateva momente aici- http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/09/will_it_be_cheerios_or_life_th.html, ca omului ii mai place sa mai traga si cate un pui de somn dupa pranz… N-am apucat sa ii citesc cartea – INCA – dar mi-am luat-o si ma duc sa o frunzaresc linistita acasa. Ce mi-a placut?

Titlul – Too big to save…

Faptul ca review-ul cartii mentioneaza ca tipu’ e independent si isi zice parerea indiferent de cine s-ar supara / bucura.

Si randurile de inceput, care suna cam asa:

„Every time there is a major fi nancial crisis, and there have been quite a number of them in history, we fi nd that there are many who are ready to dwell on blaming people and institutions; and only very few who offer really serious and constructive new proposals for improvements in our fi nancial system that can repair the damage and reduce the impact of future crises.

It is much harder to do the latter, as it requires coming to an understanding of the real origins of the crisis. The causes of the crisis are typically multiple, and understanding them requires extensive knowledge of the real nature of fi nancial arrangements as they appear at this point in history, of the laws and conventions that regulate them, and of the kinds of human failures that underlie their misapplication.
Constructive solutions require also an analytical framework that allows us to use basic economic theory to evaluate government responses.”

Mie mi se pare promitatoare cartea.


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